Shellac Removal Kit

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 CND™ Shellac Removal Kit.

CND Offly Fast Removal & Care Kit this handy at-home kit is the safest way to remove your CND™ Shellac at-home in the absence of being able to visit your local salon. Professional polish and gel polish remover product that removes , CND SHELLAC and CND VINYLUX , removable gels, liquid & powder, wraps, adhesives and tips from natural nails. Formulated to reduce dehydration of nails and surrounding skin because of the oil content in the formula.

Contains 10 foil remover wraps, 59ml Offly Fast replenishing remover, 3.7ml Solar oil nail and cuticle conditioner and orange wood stick.

*For shellac simply wrap your nail area in a soaked cotton pad for up to 10 minutes
remove one by one scraping the nail plate with the wooden stick to remove the shellac.
Once the 10 fingers are done ( Do not remove them all at once, or the shellac will harden again before you scrape otherwise.)
lightly buff each nail with buffer
Shape how you wish with the white file, buff again and dust off.
put on 2 coats of nail tek 2 and top up each day without removing the previous coating.
Massage solar oil daily into the nail plate and surrounding skin.
*For Gelish
You must lightly file the top of each nail removing the shine prior to soaking. Then repeat steps as above.

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